Zifarelli Live 6 Dicembre 2018 LSS On Stage 09bb9468850008ebc7f070a676509782 190x90.resized
Date08 December, 2018

Great success and great participation for the first concert in the LSS Theater with Rocco Zifarelli Jazz-Rock project,…

Zifarelli Live 6 Dicembre 2018 LSS Web 7bc547c7329aa8b4c306cd9af191a9de 190x90.resized
Date08 November, 2018


Lss Official Opening Gallery News D98fbad55d909a870864e1eb1c566b89 190x90.resized
Date22 October, 2018

we are proud to have introduced our new factory, with humility and gratitude we would like to dedicate this moment to…

Lss Official Opening 2018 4c00394ce87742f7a603f16f99aea3be 190x90.resized
Date25 September, 2018

New Headquarter OFFICIAL OPENING - You are invited to spend a special day with us.

Ciao Toni Soddu Rip 4f3e665924c733b6433909995af66254 190x90.resized
Date19 June, 2018

Toni Soddu, forever friend, passions, experiences, sacrifices, happy moments...And now, we will continue as before…

News TSM14 E6be2a9b93883cfedfb22fb36cd648a8 190x90.resized
Date17 April, 2018

Our info booth last week at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt was really a meeting point for all #LSS friends!

News Lss At Prolight And Sound Bcfcdbde3cd75a9de38f446cf660b83d 190x90.resized
Date26 March, 2018

Prolight + Sound is showing a comprehensive overview of the technologies and services for entertainment, integrated…

Checkpoint DJ HANNOVER Ed06a981868b06b079c88292a81c44ac 190x90.resized
Date12 November, 2017

The event for all DJ's and those who want to become one. At checkpoint.DJ, you'll meet like-minded DJs who want to…

News 3SOURCE 3BRAND 46f1715b5aadd51674b1fea006046459 190x90.resized
Date30 October, 2017

30th, October, 2017. At And You House Wedding, 3SOURCE 3BRAND opened to all the audience. 138people were booked for…

LSS At RED BULL DRONE 5e111efbcedb22fc0ac5bc23029624ad 190x90.resized
Date29 September, 2017

Drone racing event from 29th to 30th September 2017. Red Bull DR.ONE takes place during the Krone E-Mobility Play Days…

LSS At MCIE EXPO 2017 82f57ccc655ded297f464da7342e96d2 190x90.resized
Date26 September, 2017

From September 26th to 28th, LSS exhibit at the MCIE EXPO 2017 in Chengdu.

News Palm Expo China 2017 Ab4fa0be0a0b73ccbf067f69e34ed5fe 190x90.resized
Date21 April, 2017

The PALM EXPO 2017 will be held from 2-5 June 2017, at the China International Exhibition Center (No. 6, East Road,…

News M60 097aea57b1ad76a9cb8dbb0c85d10db0 190x90.resized
Date01 April, 2017

M60, LSS new multifunction product, is a compact and powerful revolutionary system that uses a newly developed 14-inch…

Slider Lss Prolight2017 News 35473410229aa029f7511054af30966f 190x90.resized
Date23 March, 2017

Prolight + Sound 2017 is one of the most important global fair in the Professional Audio sector, with more than 66 000…

LSS At ProLightSound2017 A42f80ce9db178845b966a91b3025b9f 190x90.resized
Date22 March, 2017

During the important international fair Muskiness that will take place in Frankfurt , Germany, the 5-8 April 2017, The…

S9 C764d02c19a161b29a131503067cf01a 190x90.resized
Date01 March, 2017

The SAMSARA BEACH CLUB, located in Gallipoli, one of the most exclusive seaside location in Italy, is one of the most…

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Date27 February, 2017

The 26 February 2017, the prestigious no profit organization Music Ministry Conservatory organized an important…

News Lsspowersoft Strategic Partnership C036a31d6f7e0d731e8f98afe8fbefbe 190x90.resized
Date13 February, 2017

LSS Advanced speaker System and Powersoft, two brands known for their excellence in the Professional audio sector ,…

News Lss Thanks 1ddc23224c0272b986ee704f4a84d386 190x90.resized
Date21 October, 2016

Thanks to all LSS Demo 2016 participants' who make it a special and great event! On the 28 and 29 September 2016 at the…

LSS USA Dealer E9b1db2467e98daea150e750073182a0 190x90.resized
Date10 October, 2016

LSS Advanced Speaker system is delighted to announce the sign of a new distribution contract for Texas and California,…

LSS New Distribution Cyprus 37e604861489151a82adf3da699c11d1 190x90.resized
Date03 October, 2016

LSS Advanced Speaker System is delighted to announce the sign of a new distribution contract for Cyprus. The new…

LSS DEMO News Grafica Finale2 59f6252652756a5c190844b2fa8ad931 190x90.resized
Date21 September, 2016

Two days of live music, workshop, products demonstration and business meeting

NAMM Russia 2016 Dbc39938e39ae63704536b8190414ccb 190x90.resized
Date29 August, 2016

Come and discover LSS products at the Pro Light and Sound Russia, 15-17 September 2016, stand 4B19.

LSS DEMO News Grafica Finale Af7805a9fc5dc3c6547ba15854285f36 190x90.resized
Date21 August, 2016
Two days of live music, workshop, products demonstration and business meeting
13335703 10208773671850497 5165743187513268879 N Ca015f95a7a3c30d12b5b4cbb34d8cf2 190x90.resized
Date04 July, 2016

The LSS veritile and compact Pulce system ensure superior sound performance in a broad range of applications. As stated…

New LSS M60: an extremely Powerful and Compact Multifunction speaker

News M60

M60, LSS new multifunction product, is a  compact and powerful revolutionary system that uses a newly developed 14-inch woofer with 3.5-inch voice coil coupled to a 3-inch drivers on 80x60 rotatable horn.


M60 01These components together with a special passive crossover, makes it an ideal product for every applications. The 14’’ woofer coupled to the 3’’ HF driver  confers unique characteristics to this model, combining two fundamental aspects: compactness and natural voice timbre  of 12’’ speaker together with the punch of a 15" speaker.

M60 is a 2-WAY full range multifunction loudspeaker. The unique design of the speaker and the audio performance enable its usage for a broad range of application: as main speaker for live event , as a delay line speaker,  as voice reinforcement or as a monitor stage.  The pilotage is full range passive. M60 is really powerful, ultra-compact and characterized by exceptional sound clarity performance.  The system works alone for small event  or coupled with a LSS sub-woofer. The system uses one 360 mm (14") long excursion woofer with Neodymium magnet and voice coil of 88mm and a (3,5"), Titanium 75mm (3") Neodymium driver coupled to a routable Aluminium 1.4" horn.

The newly developed product will be presented at ProLight + Sound 2017, at LSS booth A21 hall 4.1.


Discover more at M60 product page 

M60 03Product Summary:

  • 14" LF Neodymium Driver with 3.5".
  • Voice Coil in Vented Enclosure 3".
  • Compression driver with Rotable 1.4" Horn.
  • Fly Mounting Points Powering Mode: Full-Range Passive For Touring or Permanent Installation

M60 05Enclosure Material:

  • Enclosure Material: Birch Plywood of 18 mm.
  • Finish: Texture Polyurethane Black Paint.
  • Suspension: 6 Point Mounting Suspension.
  • Grid: Powder Coated Perforated Steel with anti-dust foam.
  • Connectors: 4 Neutrik NL4 Speakon Optional.
  • Accessories: Adjustable Speaker Mount Bracket, Speaker Soft Bag.


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