2-Way loudspeaker system uses one 160 mm (6”) long excursion woofer with Neodymium magnet and voice coil of 44 mm (1.75”), Polyethylene 34.4 mm (1.4”) Neodymium driver coupled to a rotatable ABS horn.

Speaker Power

• 250 W (AES) - 16 Ohms
• 575 W (PEAK) - 16 Ohms
• Horizontal 90° 
• Vertical 40°

(93dB 1 Watt @ 1 m)
117 dB Max SPL (AES) calc.
121 dB Max SPL (PEAK) calc.

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The mounting points included in the cabinet or the bracket offer the possibility of suspension in any position. The cabinet beveled on the sides makes it practical for use as a small monitor or clusters creations. M30.3 can be used in full range mode or with a subwoofer (ex. SUBDRIVE12 that allows pilotage with dedicated setup). Also other models as SUBDRIVE12, PSUB1 etc. are ideal compromise. The passive crossover of low tolerance with slope 12dB/18dB and the protection circuit Poliswitch ensure high pressures and maximum reliability.


M30.3 is a new power multifunction speaker it can be placed anywhere that you need a small dimension and nice look. Extremely powerful 250 Watt 16 Ohm is ideal for distributed systems, frontfill, for sound reinforcement in A/V events. The comprehensive system mounting points permit safe, suspension in portable and permanent installations.

  • 6"  LF Neodymium with 1.75" voice coil in vented enclosure
  • 1.4" Ferrite Driver with ABS Rotable Horn (90° x 40°coverage pattern)
  • Fly mounting points and brakets included
  • Powering mode: full range passive
  • For portable use or permanent installation


Dimensions mm (±1 mm)
• Height 375
• Front 195
• Depth 210
• Trapezoid Angle (degrees) 25°/ 10°/ 47.5°

Weights Kilograms

• Net Weight 8.5
• Shipping Weight 10
• System Configuration 2way full range

Enclosure Material
• Enclosure material Birch Plywood of 12mm
• Finish Texture poliuretanic black paint
• Suspension 5 point mounting suspension
• Grille Poweder coated perforated steel with anti-dust foam
• Connectors Four neutrik NL4 speakon
• Optional Accessories Adjustable speaker mount included, speaker soft bag


Frequency Response
• ±5 dB 80Hz to 20KHz
• -10 dB 65Hz

Sensitivity (dB 1 Watt @ 1 m)
• Full Range Passive 93dB
• LF 93dB
• HF 95B

Max SPL Calculated
• Full Range Passive 117dB

Driving Impedance (Ohms)
• Full Range Passive 16
• LF 16
• Hf16

Power Handling (Watts cont. AES)
• Full Range Passive 250
• LF 200
• HF 50

Power Handling (Watts cont. AES)
• Full Range Passive 1000
• LF 800
• HF 200

Nominal Dispersion (degrees @ - 6 dB)
• Horizontal 90°
• Vertical 40°

• Product Series M
• LF Subsystem & Loading One 160mm woofer vented
• HF Subsystem & Loading One 34.4mm Polyetylene
• Neodymium driver on 25mm Rotable 90x40 ABS Horn
• Crossover 2 way 12/18dB
• Sistem Protection POLISWITCH
• Operating Mode Passive or BI AMP (passive LF/HF)
• Accessories Bag for M30.3




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